Facebook Card – the new giftcard brought to you by Facebook

Facebook Card – the new giftcard brought to you by Facebook

I like this new development from Facebook! Rolling out in the US as I write, is the Facebook Card, which is a gift card, but, as we’ve come to expect from Facebook it has a little extra pizazz.

Through Facebook, you’ll be able to decide on the retailer and the value and then complete the transaction. Your friend will get an instant notification of your gift and the Facebook Card will arrive in the post within a few days. Your friend can then use it in the normal way, but they need to hold onto the card as it’s re-usable. Next time they’re lucky enough to be the recipient of a Facebook Card, they won’t even have to wait for Mr Postie as the credit will  be added to their card instantly.

What I really like is that one card can hold multiple gift balances, which might just reduce the number of cards we all carry around with us. So within your Facebook Card, you might have £20 to spend at one store and £50 to spend at another, more if you’re lucky! What’s more you can view your balances online or even from your phone via your account settings, and Facebook will notify you of any changes to your balance by sending a notification to your phone.

I hope this rolls out in the UK too! What are your thoughts?




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