All services are bespoke and tailored to suit your company, your goals and your budget. I can work under your guidance, or if you really don’t want to be involved, just leave me to get on with it and you’ll only hear from me when I have a lead or a query for you.



Community Management

Ensuring growth, engagement and management of your Facebook group, achieving agreed goals to move your business forward.


Content Repurposing

Leveraging the content you already have to create social media posts, videos, images and gifs. We can make your content work for you, giving you greater exposure without it taking up your valuable time.


Page Creation and Optimisation

Creating your page on each platform, keeping it consistent with your brand and using agreed keywords to make it easy for your potential audience to find you.

Page creation and optimisation


Content Creation

You know what you want to communicate with your audience, but writing just isn’t your thing. Give us a brief and we’ll write it for you – it could be blogs, social media posts, newsletters or something different. Briefs can be, well, brief or detailed, We can work with you and close the gaps in your online communication.
online communication


Content Calendar Creation for you to Implement

If your creative juices fail to flow when you sit down to write your social posts then you’ll find our bespoke content calendar a boon. You remain in control of your social channels, but we inspire your posts and guide you to a great mix of content that your audience will love.


Effective Social Ads

Too many small businesses have wasted money boosting posts on Facebook and now believe they don’t work. They do, but your ads need to be targeted, engaging and tweaked until they are having the outcome you hoped for. Done properly, social advertising works for all businesses – and we can make them work for yours.


Running your Online Event

Online events became very popular in 2020 and some people found they preferred them – it’s also made a lot of events accessible to those who are unable to travel. Whilst we love a face to face event, we recognise that for some, online works better and we took many of our clients public facing events online in 2020 and we can help you to do the same.


We can be your Wingman at your Zoom Webinar/Event

Sometimes you just can’t do it all yourself. If you’re delivering great content online, you may prefer to have someone helping to keep it running smoothly – letting latecomers in, answering queries, dropping links in the chat that relate to your talk, taking notes for you… are just some examples. We can have your back, allowing you to do what you do best.