– a complete social media management service

“Have just seen latest notification about a Facebook comment and your reply thanking ‘sharing’ the post – then I noticed how many had shared, 99, that is amazing! So I would like to say a big thank you for what you have done, best Facebook social media I have ever had. Seen excellent posts with thoughtful grammar, correct text and images, quick and appropriate engaging responses … I could go on…” Chris Cozens – Life Arts

“Lesley has helped me on several occasions with my social media marketing. She gave me some excellent advice on how to reach my target audience in a way that suited me and my business. Lesley has a lovely manner, she is professional, friendly, patient, extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her!”  Hayley Tilley Photography

“Lesley is incredibly intuitive and gets exactly what we’re about as an organisation. She’s very reliable and I know her judgement calls will always be spot on – she’s really helped us progress our social media presence, and has been a fantastic guide for those of us here who weren’t au fait with certain processes. A really helpful, lovely person to work with.” Sam Hayden, Events Co-ordinatorForest of Marston Vale

“I have known Lesley for three years as a fellow professional in a private group who share ideas and knowledge. Towards the end of 2013 I outsourced some work to Lesley and I have been delighted with her organisational skills, diligence and attention to detail in every aspect of the work I gave her. I sincerely hope that our working relationship will continue to develop and I have no hesitation in recommending Lesley.” Graham Harris – Total Features

“Lesley clearly knows her stuff when it comes to the ever changing world of social media. Beyond her expert knowledge, Lesley is a good trainer too; extremely personable with an easy going style. I would not hesitate to use Lesley again and recommend her to my clients.”
Pippa Highfield – Brainwork Marketing

“Lesley has taken our social media to a level we couldn’t have done ourselves, providing excellent and results from day one and constantly building upon that success. Providing a cost effective and yet high level service is a rare commodity, yet Lesley has proved it is certain possible and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.” Nick Webb, Chief Executive – Forest of Marston Vale

“Working at a customer facing organisation, we desperately needed a social media expert on board and quickly. Thank goodness we found Lesley! I know that I can trust Lesley fully to interact with our customers on a day to day basis in a professional and timely manner. Lesley has linked with a number of organisations that we would never have had the time to, and our network is now so much greater because of the work that she has done for us. I would recommend Lesley to anyone who needs expert help on social media (from a grown up!).” Shirley Scotcher, Marketing & Fundraising – Forest of Marston Vale

“Lesley Whiteman has worked with us for a number of years to help us raise our profile in the wider community.  Her work in setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account for us has increased traffic to our website and has led to direct bookings onto classes and workshops, for which we are and have been very grateful.  She is committed and passionate about the benefits that correct use of social media can bring to companies and organisations, and I can certainly recommend her to others who may be thinking of entering the world of electronic marketing.”  Roberta Meldrum, Director – The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living 

Lesley has made a real difference in helping us to understand and implement a broad spectrum of social media initiatives across our food business.  Its early days but we are really starting to benefit from a more open dialogue with friends of eatlunch and those customers that would like to be more aware of the wide range of food styles we can offer.

She has a fantastic awareness of the use of all social mediums and has provided fantastic value in creating content and communication across twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn-which she now manages in support of our promotions across the region for the eatlunch brand.

Above all Lesley is engaging, customer focused and brings a sense of fun to a difficult and time consuming subject.
Ian White – eatlunch

As a complete newbie to the world of social media (from a business perspective), Lesley Whiteman Social Media totally put me at ease and explained everything simply and effectively. Definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. Thanks Lesley.
Rebecca Kelly – Haelan Therapy

If you are in need of Social Media training for your business, can I recommend Lesley Whiteman Social Media. Had a session this morning and it was fabulous. Prepare for the social media onslaught guys!
Victoria Bradford – GridVid 

Lesley, thank you so much for today. I found it absolutely brilliant and informative. Best raffle prize I have ever won!! An hour of your time, helping me understand the benefits of facebook and how to use it to help me move my business forward. We covered so much we had no time for twitter (for another day I think!). When you left I got down to business! I registered both jewellery and perfume businesses with Facebook and then took some photo’s of my products together. I hope to be able to launch it in a day or so with some great starting offers. I feel so much more positive now and now look to the “techno” future with a little less fear, thanks to you.
Louise Clifton – Hibiscus Jewellery and FM Perfume 

Raj Bhardwaj – Know It All

Lesley has done a wonderful job with our social media marketing.” Fiona Wallace – The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

“Lesley is hard working and conscientious – she has shown me just how useful Social Media can be for our industrial clients – she presently handles 4 of our accounts and we hope to use her expertise more in the future. Lesley also partners with ID-Marketing in presentation of one day seminars on Industrial PR and Social Media which we have run throughout 2011.” Ian Deavin – ID Marketing

“Lesley has done an excellent job of increasing and developing our social media profile. Very easy to work with and has a lot of ideas that fit in with our profile. Has a good understanding or our requirements as a company.” Andy Billingham, Managing Director – EMKA (UK) Limited