Account Hacking on Twitter

Account Hacking on Twitter

Account hacking on Twitter seems to be rife at the moment, and has been for some time. People often ask me what they should do if this happens to them, so here are my suggestions…

1/ Log-on to Twitter and change your password. Try to make this password as difficult to guess as possible – random characters works best.

2/ Now go to settings and click on apps to review all the Applications that you have allowed to have access to your account. If there are any that you don’t recognise or you no longer use, then click on “revoke access.” If you’re someone who regularly plays with new apps, it would be a good discipline to do this on a regular basis

3/ Now go to your profile and scroll through all your recent tweets deleting any that you didn’t send – this will stop anyone else from clicking on a link that will cause the same thing to happen to them.

4/ Finally, it would be polite to send out messages to your Followers explaining that you’ve been hacked and apologising for the direct messages that they may have received.

I hope this helps, should you be unlucky enough to be hacked.


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