About Lesley Whiteman Social Media

Lesley Whiteman Social Media was set up by Lesley Whiteman in 2010, having spent many years using social media for her own personal use and to promote her own business.
“I could see the benefits that social media could bring to all businesses, but couldn’t understand why so many small to medium sized companies weren’t grabbing it with both hands. Gradually I realized that most just didn’t know how to, and yes, some still had no idea of the huge potential social media held for them.”

“My first client was a local charity. They very kindly allowed me to “cut my teeth” on them, and I’m very pleased to say that all went well with none of the mistakes that I hoped I wouldn’t make!”

Other clients came on board, and quite without planning it, they seem to fall into one of two broad categories

  • Industrial Manufacturing & related services
  • Health and wellbeing

Quite diverse, aren’t they? However, it’s a mix that we enjoy and are happy to continue with. Lesley has many years of experience working in an industrial manufacturing environment and we also have a keen interest in healthy living, which to us means avoiding toxic chemicals, natural alternatives, a spiritual connection, time spent in nature, natural healing and all things eco-friendly.

I think most people accept that social media works in the health and well-being sector. Social media and health and well-being are both about people. They’re about communication, encouragement, sharing knowledge, relationship building etc. A good fit all round, I’d say, but industrial manufacturing? Click here to find out how social media works for Industrial Manufacturing Companies.

We keep abreast of the frequent changes within this fast paced industry. We network with many other social media companies across the UK and the world, sharing new ideas and case studies. We do this, so you don’t have to. If we work with you, then we become a part of your business, focused on achieving your goals.

Give us a call on 01462 615821 or email us to discuss your business and how we can help you manufacture your own success in this tough economic climate.