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Everyone says we should be on Twitter and Facebook, so let’s do it

I think there are many companies who have got to this point, and it’s probably the worst reason to get involved with Facebook, Twitter and social media in general. Let’s press the pause button and consider … –          Your business goals –          How will social media help you achieve them? –          What does success look…
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Social Media Marketing Manager helps turn hell into paradise?

Social Media Marketing is a very hot topic, and marketing professionals believe it’s here to stay. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube, amongst others, are utilised by hundreds of millions of people every day and numbers are growing continually, making this a potential online marketing paradise. But for many business owners, this very…
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For sixty years after the Second World War if you were a local business there were only really three things you had to do to market yourself effectively. Life was very straightforward. You took the biggest ad you could afford in Yellow Pages, relied a lot on word of mouth and, if you were very…
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