How to Make Posts by Others on your Facebook Timeline for Business More Visible?

One of the things that I still don’t like about Facebook Timelines for Business is the way posts by others are grouped in a box, instead of featuring as your own post would.

There is a way of overcoming this, although Facebook has hidden it well! It’s a manual solution, but at least you get to choose which comments to feature in your Facebook Timeline.

Go to your “recent posts by others” box. Hover over a message and a cross will appear in the top right corner. Click on it (go on, be brave – you won’t delete it!) and then click on “allowed on page”.

When you refresh your Page, this update will have magically moved to the left so that any visitors to your page will be able to see it, just as they would one of your own posts.

Go on, try it as soon as you get a new comment!



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tristan January 5, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Hi lesley
thanks for sharing this fix. I have done it with a few posts but for some reason when i look at the stats very few people seem to be clicking like or viewing the posts by others compared to several hundred on each of the similar ones i have posted… any ideas how to fix this? thanks

Lesley Whiteman January 6, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Hi Tristan, unfortunately although the posts will be visible on your Page, they won’t appear in people’s Newsfeeds, therefore they will only be seen by visitors to your Page. If it’s appropriate, you could share the posts just as you would share something from another Page. Does that help? – Lesley.

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