How to change what Facebook Status Updates display in your Newsfeed

If you thought once you’d Liked a Facebook Page you’d be seeing all its status updates, think again…

Facebook determines what to send to your newsfeed based on how often you visit a particular page and how often you interact with it – so if you don’t visit a page often, and when you do, you’re a passive visitor, Facebook may decide that you’re not really interested in them, and stop posting their updates to your newsfeed.

If you’d like to receive all status updates from your favourite pages, here’s what you need to do…

  • Hover your mouse over the “Liked” button, or click on it – I’m afraid Facebook is far from consistent! One of those ways should work…
  • Once you get the drop down menu, Make sure that “Show in News Feed” is checked.

In theory, this should solve the problem of Facebook second guessing what you want to see and getting it wrong! However, to be sure, go back to your favourite pages regularly and don’t rely on Facebook to send what you want to see, to your newsfeed.



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